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Reaching Across Campus for Collaboration

October 29, 2010 Comments off

I love the idea of collaboration. It broadens the creative knowledge base, creates a richer planning environment, provides opportunity for improved productivity, and fosters a broader sense of ownership.

CC image via flickr (by woodleywonderworks)

Lynne Bisko and Rebecca Pope-Ruark (Elon University) have published an excellent article in the October issue of C&RL News entitled “Making the Video: Tips for Successful Library-Class Collaborations.” The article describes a collaborative effort between Elon’s Belk Library and a class supported by the University’s Center for Undergraduate Publishing and Information Design (CUPID). Bisko and Pope-Ruark conclude the article with some practical advice for other librarians considering similar collaboration with students. This is worth the read.

Opportunities for collaboration abound. Most recently on our campus, the library…

  • Worked with some students in graphic design on logo concepts
  • Coordinated with Student Services during the 2010 Census to educate students about the U.S. Census and provide information about Census jobs
  • Also with Student Services, shared information about career-related resources and will be crafting a plan for embedding library resources on the Student Services website
  • Is considering a collaborative effort between our library and a marketing class
  • Has begun a conversation with the Art Department about a partnership involving the creativity of some art students, paint, and library walls. The students are loving the idea. I’ll be walking through the library with an art professor later today. Exciting stuff.

Does your library have any stories of collaboration across campus? Successes? Learning experiences?


Common Craft Video: Secure Passwords

August 4, 2010 Comments off

Common Craft has released yet another informative video in their signature playful style. Secure Passwords explains “in plain English” the risks involved with the use of weak passwords and offers tips on how to create stronger passwords that are harder for others to guess.

View the video here

The use of secure, or strong, passwords is good practice for us all–especially for our more sensitive online accounts such as banking, email, and shopping. If you are like me, it is quite possible that you have a long (and perhaps growing) list of passwords for your online activity. It is worth the effort to put some thought into creating passwords that are more secure than your pet’s name.

Educators…a new school year is right around the corner (or already here for some). Students from K-12 to college need to know about the importance of strong passwords. This video would be a good way to open up the conversation. We shouldn’t assume that they know.

Parents…this video could set up an excellent teaching moment around the home computer.

Anyone…how strong are your passwords? Need to make some changes? No problem. Most online accounts provide a fairly painless way to manage your account, including the ability to change your password.


Friday Funny: Final Cello Countdown

July 30, 2010 Comments off

OK, I personally would classify this more as “Friday Fascinating,” but you be the judge.

Here is a 2007 instrumental cover version of rock band Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” It is performed by the classically trained cello trio from Latvia, Melo-M. (The length is 5:22, but it is worth it.)

Simply amazing.


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Have donkey. Will travel.

April 16, 2010 Comments off

It’s Friday of National Library Week 2010, so I thought I would highlight one of my heroes in librarianship.

Meet Louis Soriano.

An educator in La Gloria, Colombia, Soriano shares the joy of reading with kids in rural Colombian villages by way of donkey. His Biblioburro brings books to kids who, otherwise, might never know the joy of reading.

Watch the video below to be truly inspired. Soriano gets it. This is librarianship in its purest form.

Anyone know where I can get a donkey?

Pic credit: Wikimedia