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A List for Social Networking with SC Libraries

April 3, 2010 Comments off

Are you connecting with libraries? Using their facilities for research and recreation? Making use of the free wi-fi that most provide? Checking out books? Using electronic resources not easily purchased by individuals? Getting expert advice from trained information professionals? Participating in planned events? Staying informed about resources, services, and community news that can benefit you?

The library is for YOU, but it is difficult to take full advantage of what libraries have to offer if you are not connected. Many libraries are making it easier for you to interact with them by having a presence on many of today’s popular social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr to name a few.

I want to point you to a valuable list of South Carolina libraries on popular social networking sites. This list (constantly being updated) was put together by the South Carolina State Library as part of their South Carolina Library Network (SCLN) wiki. The social networking library directory will help you identify ways that you can connect with, “friend,” “follow,” become a “fan” of, and interact with libraries in South Carolina. The listings are broken down by the following categories:

  • SC libraries that blog
  • SC libraries using chat
  • SC libraries in MySpace
  • SC libraries in Facebook
  • SC libraries that Twitter
  • SC libraries in Flickr
  • SC librarian blogs
  • SC libraries with Delicious bookmarks

See a SC library in the directory listing with which you can associate? If so, connect with them, stay informed, and reap the benefits. They would love to interact with you online! I know because I am from one of them.

If you know of a SC library NOT listed here that is on Facebook, Twitter, etc., let me encourage you to contact Curtis Rogers at the State Library.

Happy social networking!

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