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How Would You Change Library School?

October 20, 2010 6 comments

The Setup…

There has been quite a bit of discussion lately about the value of a Masters in Library Science degree. Bobbi Newman (Librarian by Day) has two posts (Post #1 and Post #2) that serve as nice digests of these discussions on the web.

There has also been talk about the make-up of the library school curriculum. Most recently, Micah Vandegrift–a current library school student–wrote a guest post for the In the Library with a Lead Pipe blog. Micah describes his idea for what he calls the HackLibSchool experiment which centers (initially, at least) around a collaborative Google Document. The post garnered some chatter on Twitter with the hashtag #HackLibSchool, and now a wiki has been created.

The Question…

How would you change library school if given the chance? As a current library school student or a graduate of a library school, is there anything that you would recommend as an improvement for an MLS program?

Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be attending a session at the South Carolina Library Association 2010 Annual Conference that addresses this very issue. The “SLIS Curriculum Review Forum” session will center around a current review of the core MLS courses taught in the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina. The session will be held in the form of a focus group discussion “to share feedback on skills gained in the program and skills needed in the workplace.”

I know this is super short notice, but I had a late-night, 11th-hour idea…I would love to be able to bring your thoughts to the discussion at tomorrow’s session. Respond with a comment at the end of this post or tweet your “library school reform” suggestion to me at @jkennerly. Here’s a great chance for you to provide some valuable feedback to a real-life library school. Go!