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Planting Seeds

October 12, 2010 1 comment

Over the last few weeks, the maintenance crew has been preparing a large portion of our campus grounds for re-seeding. There has been a flurry of activity: tilling, aerating, leveling the soil; removing large obstacles of debris, rocks, sticks, etc.; selecting the seed to be used; and before all of that, planning and more planning.

Today was the day for broadcasting the seed. Done. The maintenance crew has done its job. Now it’s time to let the seeds do theirs.

Seeing this happen today, I thought of an application for my job. I wonder:

Am I planting any seeds now that will bring future benefit to my library users?

The outcome of the maintenance crew’s hard work to sow the seeds on our campus lawn is uncertain. A person drops a seed and hopes that it will make contact with the soil, germinate, take root, and transform from that simple beginning to a beautiful creation that paints a lush green on the landscape. One thing is for certain though: If the seed never gets planted, don’t expect the grass to show up later.

Are we making efforts to deliberately do things now that may come to fruition only after some time has passed? If you believe something to be of benefit, don’t give up on it simply because you don’t see results right away. Granted, sometimes we try, fail, and simply need to cut our losses and move on. The seed simply isn’t going to grow. At other times, however, the seed just needs time to make contact, germinate, take root, and transform from a simple idea to something beautiful and useful.