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New Year’s Revolutions

December 31, 2012

No, it’s not a typo or a victim of autocorrect. That’s a V instead of an S.

revolutionI’ve never been one for creating New Year’s resolutions. I do, however, like the idea behind the concept. At the heart of the whole exercise is a desire to change something for the better (usually about ourselves). And the resolve to embrace change is not for the sake of change itself, but rather for the sake of improvement. We can envision a better us and desire to be in that place. The problem with a resolution (particularly of the New Year’s type) is that it is an act of the mind that often stays in the mind. A revolution, on the other hand, moves one beyond thought to action. I suppose we could begin a protracted philosophical debate at this point, but I see enough merit here to run with it.

And so, here are my (first ever) New Year’s Revolutions:

1. Laugh every day. (Overdose acceptable.)

2. Actually do something that I keep telling myself I ought to do. (Insert visual of me kicking myself.)

3. Complain ONLY if I am willing to identify and offer possible solutions. (Take that, John, and take it to heart.)

4. Don’t just say that every day is a new day. Believe it, and act accordingly. (Enough said.)

5. In my actions consider not only my interests, but also the interests of others. (Our planet is not the center of the universe, and neither am I.)

And another thing, John. Why reserve the initiation of such actions only for the beginning of a new calendar year? Any day is as good as January 1. Start your revolution now.

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