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One Day in the Life of a Mobile Smart Phone

October 22, 2010

CC photo by Andy Mihail

It’s nearing the end of another (busy) day. For some reason, I began reflecting on my mobile phone usage today. Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading and reflecting on the recent Bobbi Newman and Jason Griffey dueling blog posts about mobile phones and the digital divide. In any case, I decided to list the ways that I used my mobile phone since waking up this morning.

  • Checked email
  • Sent email (work-related and personal)
  • Added a November meeting to my calendar
  • Broadcasted a question to librarians on Twitter and replied to responses
  • Accessed content from my Evernote account
  • Searched the web to find a local restaurant
  • Used Google maps for directions
  • Called AAA emergency roadside service (battery died — all is well now)
  • Called home

For some, that may not be much activity at all. For others, I might be labeled as one of those people who is “always doing something with that phone.” Personally, I can clearly recognize a progressive increase in my use (bordering on dependence in some cases) of the mobile smart phone for many different tasks. For me, in other words, the device has crossed the line between “cool gadget” and “everyday appliance.” That is true for a lot of people that I know–but not everyone.


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