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Friday Funny: Perception Cards

August 20, 2010

Today’s Friday Funny is also a game.

Back in the days of old–during my time in undergrad college–the dad of one of my friends created a mental game called “Perception.” The game centers around hand-drawn images on index cards. You have to guess what the card represents, and the representations were always a play-on-words. I remember groups of us college kids huddled around a table in the cafeteria to try and figure out the latest installments of Perception cards that would arrive in the mail.

To this day, I remain good friends with this college mate (and her dad)*. In fact we live in the same city. I recently asked her if she still has her Perception cards, and low and behold she materialized them from a closet of memories. She was kind enough to let me borrow them and take a trip down memory lane. The original game came with 11 Perception cards and a sheet of instructions. Over time the stack of cards grew. In the spirit of the original game set, I have selected 11 Perception cards to share here. (Click on a card to see a larger image.) I am also including the original instruction sheet for those who might want to go all out and keep score. On the originals, the answers are written on the back of the cards. I will end this post with a list of the answers for these cards. Don’t cheat! Here goes…

Card #1:

Card #2:

Card #3:

Card #4:

Card #5:

Card #6:

Card #7:

Card #8:

Card #9:

Card #10:

Card #11:

And the instruction sheet..


And the answers…




Card #1: paradox

Card #2: popcorn

Card #3: Budweiser

Card #4: carpool

Card #5: cement

Card #6: condescending

Card #7: Baghdad

Card #8: percentile

Card #9: comatose

Card #10: Signapore

Card #11: the buck stops here


So are you “dead as a hammer,” “perceptive,” or “totally out of it?”

* A special thanks to a creative and fun dad for coming up with this idea and to a great friend for sharing. You know who you are.


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