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Common Craft Video: Secure Passwords

August 4, 2010

Common Craft has released yet another informative video in their signature playful style. Secure Passwords explains “in plain English” the risks involved with the use of weak passwords and offers tips on how to create stronger passwords that are harder for others to guess.

View the video here

The use of secure, or strong, passwords is good practice for us all–especially for our more sensitive online accounts such as banking, email, and shopping. If you are like me, it is quite possible that you have a long (and perhaps growing) list of passwords for your online activity. It is worth the effort to put some thought into creating passwords that are more secure than your pet’s name.

Educators…a new school year is right around the corner (or already here for some). Students from K-12 to college need to know about the importance of strong passwords. This video would be a good way to open up the conversation. We shouldn’t assume that they know.

Parents…this video could set up an excellent teaching moment around the home computer.

Anyone…how strong are your passwords? Need to make some changes? No problem. Most online accounts provide a fairly painless way to manage your account, including the ability to change your password.


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