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Library Day in the Life – 7/30/2010 (Day 5 and Final Thoughts)

August 2, 2010

I had meant to post over the weekend this summary of my Friday activities for the Library Day in the Life project. Alas, responsibilities from other corners of my life demanded my attention. With that said, here’s the Friday rundown.

Library Day in the Life, Day 5…

When I arrived on campus at 8:00 a.m., I answered my first reference question of the day before ever entering the library. As I was walking from my vehicle to the building, a young woman pulled up next to me in her car and rolled down her window to ask if it was OK for her to park in the lot next to the library. Obviously, she was a visitor, had business to take care of on campus, and wanted to make sure her car was going to be there when she returned. I proceeded to tell her that she was more than welcome to park there because it is an “open” parking lot. We exchanged pleasantries, she moved towards a parking space, and I continued on my way to the library. Nothing spectacular, mind you, but it was a reminder that opportunities to offer assistance are not limited to the reference desk–nor the library building itself. I renewed a personal charge to move throughout each day with “librarian eyes wide open.”

After I made it inside the library and settled in, the highlights of the day included…

  • Reviewing a federated search product proposal presented by our ILS vendor to the 7 libraries on our shared system
  • Sharing with a library staff member some information that I had researched for them the day before (Equipping the staff? …Check.)
  • Doing some prep work for our staff meeting later this week
  • Downloading some library pictures from the camera for possible use this upcoming academic year
  • Engaging in some afternoon writing (riding on a wave of writing productivity from the day before)

Final Thoughts

This was the 5th round of  Library Day in the Life, but it was only my first time participating. I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to jump in, but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope to participate in future rounds.

In addition to being down right fun, participation has also been a helpful exercise. Intentionally tracking my daily activities for a typical work week (albeit, during the summer rather than a school semester) has verified for me how many different things I am involved in on just about any given day. Granted, I have always known this to be true. The one-job-with-many-hats is well-lived by many of us. But when you are able to see it visually charted, the dynamic role of a librarian is clearly evident. Actually, I think that is one of the key things that drew me to the profession.

Finally, I hope that this project has been–and will continue to be–of value to library school students and others who are considering a career in librarianship. What an excellent way to peer into the real-life world and activities of librarians in all types of settings. Not to mention the fact that it is a fantastic way to meet librarians and potentially build your professional network.



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