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Reading and Writing Day: Library Day in the Life (Day 4)

July 30, 2010

Day 4 (Thursday) of Library Day in the Life was largely dominated by two exercises for me: reading and writing. There was little traffic in the library, so I was able to stay in one place most of the day and focus on the one thing right in front of me. Once the academic semesters kick in, this becomes much harder to do. The summer, then, is a good time to spend some quality time on professional reading. Primarily I worked through my Google Reader feeds, devouring one blog post after another. One, in particular, that stimulated some thoughtful reflection was a post about library fines by Andy Woodworth (@wawoodworth).

There are a lot of librarians with a talent for sharing the written word and an easily-accessible platform (blogs) for demonstrating that skill. If you aren’t already taking advantage of these contributions to the profession, I strongly encourage you to do so.

In addition to reading, I also spent a great deal of time writing on Thursday. Sometimes you get in “the zone” and just have to keep riding the productivity wave. You know what I’m talking about. I was able to work on a book review, blog posts (including an effort to catch up on my Library Day in the Life posts), and some materials that will be used this coming academic year with students.

One additional activity worth mentioning is the time that I spent brainstorming for a 2010-11 library marketing campaign. I came up with a few conceptual ideas that I hope to share next week in our regular monthly staff meeting.

I guess you could say that to the casual observer, it probably looked like my day was fairly unproductive. For most of the day, a person looking into my office would have found my head buried in a computer screen or book. On the inside, however, the “wheel of creativity and productivity” was spinning furiously.



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