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Library Day in the Life – 7/27/2010 (Day 2)

July 29, 2010

Continuing with participation in Library Day in the Life, here’s a snapshot of what filled my workday on Tuesday–Day 2.

Morning activities included:

  • Some professional reading. Mostly blogs, but I am also finishing Brian Mathews’ book, Marketing Today’s Academic Library.
  • Library calendar planning for the 2010-11 academic year
  • Talked with a faculty member who is connecting the library with a potential book donor (fine collection of books on the German Resistance and Bonhoeffer)
  • Listened to our circulation manager bounce off some new ideas about our copy/print card vending service. (It’s great to work with people who are always looking for ways to improve.)

And highlights from the afternoon included :

  • A welcomed break from the “director” bubble to do some front-line work…Helped troubleshoot an issue a student was having with emailing a list of WorldCat records. (It was great to see the student using the “Lists” feature in WorldCat. Word is getting out.)
  • Back to administrative work…Signing library invoices
  • Created a news post highlighting some 2009-10 library facts (Top-10 most-used databases and borrowing statistics)
  • Joined in a Twitter conversation with three library guys who always have great ideas to share–Justin Hoenke (@justinlibrarian), David Lee King (@davidleeking), and Jan Holmquist (@janholmquist). The conversation was already in progress and centered around the availability of local music in the library. From there it moved to ideas about digital streaming of live music/radio from the library. Collaboration like this is happening all the time among librarians, and it is great to be a part of it! Think about it: Four guys located in Maine, Kansas, South Carolina, and Denmark struck up–with the simplest of ease–a spontaneous conversation about music, libraries, and “going local.” That, my friends, is what I call progress in collaboration.
  • Received an email out of the blue from one of our recent college graduates who also worked in the library. He was hoping for a letter of recommendation to apply for library work at the university where he is now earning a masters degree (and working towards a doctoral degree). What a proud moment. Serve as a reference? Absolutely! I love hearing from former students, especially those who worked in the library. It’s so great to hear what they are doing now.

I love my job.


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