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Friday Funny: The Art of Jerry-Rigging

February 26, 2010

Laughter is good. And, sometimes, creative fixes have the ability to produce it.

For a little entertainment and a taste of the lighter side of life, head over to There, I Fixed It. This website collects and shares images of human ingenuity submitted by viewers. The site calls them “kludges.” I grew up calling them jerry-rigs (or, for some, jury-rigs). Perhaps it would be best to simply quote from the website:

Anytime anyone anywhere has used duct tape, zip-ties and bubble gum to hold something together with just enough tensile strength to not instantly kill everyone in the room…that’s a kludge. Whether it was to get your first car, which was older than you, to last another month or simply to avoid having to buy new headphones, almost everyone has kludged something. We just encourage taking photos for e-fame.

Here are a couple examples of what you will encounter:

There I Fixed Ithttp://thereifixedit.com

Add the RSS feed to your favorite feed reader for an occasional pick-me-up throughout the day.


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