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And So It Begins

February 10, 2010
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I have resisted the strong urge for some time, and I’m not really sure why. Perhaps it has been an avoidance of adding more to an already overflowing plate, a (very real) fear of inadequacy as a contributor, a lack of focus, an uncertainty of what I can add to the millions of voices already out there, or something else that I can’t quite put my finger on. Whatever the reason, I have stayed out of the game.

But no longer.

Yes, I have decided to begin a personal journey of sharing thoughts about librarianship, information, technology, and life in general. Table-talk, if you will. Or conversations held while traveling down the road.

I am reminded of the ending lines from Norman Maclean’s superb novella, A River Runs Through It, and am inclined to reflect in a similar fashion that eventually, all things merge into one, and a blog runs through it. So much of what makes up the world of librarianship, information, and technology converges in such a way that there is a natural inclination and desire to share thoughts about it. To borrow from Maclean one more time: I am haunted by blog posts.

Let the journey begin…


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